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Orlando R/C Association


  1. All Orlando R/C Association members must have a current AMA (Academy of Model Aeronautics) membership.

  2. Your outer gate key is your permit to be on property. If you do not have a key or you are not a guest of a member with a key, then you are considered to be trespassing.

  3. The outer gate must be closed and locked after entering or exiting the landowner's property.

  4. The inner gates must be closed by the last person leaving the flying field area.

  5. No hunting or fishing are permitted at the flying field at any time.

  6. Respect the land owner's property and fencing outside of the flying field area at all times, especially when searching for downed models.

  7. Deliberate "no fly" zones are established over the pits and parking areas, nearby roadways, and neighboring properties. No flying is permitted beyond the tree line at the south end of the field.

  8. Taxiing in the pits or spectator areas is prohibited. Engine startup areas are established adjacent to the pilot stations, leading directly onto the taxi way. The large shade canopy is in the spectator area and is not part of the pit area.

  9. We will now comply with the AMA Sound/Noise Abatement Recommendations of 96dB maximum measured from a 20-foot distance over soft field (measured at full throttle). No 50cc or larger engines are allowed to be run before 10am on Sundays.


10. All "3D Style" flying of models having an engine displacement greater than 50cc is PROHIBITED at all times.

11. Any "3D Style" flying of models having an engine displacement of 50cc or less or using electric motors is permitted if the maneuvers are performed >100ft from the flight line where the pilots normally stand (ie. beyond the fence line on the east side of the field).

12. Fuel burning turbines and pulse jet engines are prohibited from use at the field at all times due to the hazard of fire.

13. Do not drive or park inside of the fenced flying field area.

14. Annual dues are payable in December, and no later than the annual club picnic.


As stated in the organization statement, the Orlando R/C Association was conceived and established to provide for a maximum of R/C enjoyment by its members. To this end, if there are any questions from the members regarding any aspect of the association operation, they should be addressed to the association executives, who, alone, shall decide the appropriate response and course of action. Members should not presume to take matters into their own hands for resolution. The association executives reserve the right to suspend flying privileges or revoke membership at any time, for any reason, as they see fit.

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